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My name is Neville Pettersson and I have created the this site to help regular home owner’s like me make their own

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Sauer Energy

Its VAWT systems are especially designed to attach to buildings. Their wind turbine products are designed to reduce power consumption and backup power shortages at home.

Sauer Energy Inc.

Sauer Energy Inc. is a development stage firm that manufactures wind turbines for residential and commercial uses. The company is a leading developer and manufacturer in the renewable energy industry. It revealed its first ever prototype last May 2011 at the WindPower Conference and Exhibition, the grandest wind energy trade show in the North American continent.

The company’s WindPower model is aimed at providing a solution using wind capture for domestic and small building utilization. In a matter of four years, the firm’s vision of wind turbines for the home is now a reality. The company is committed to bring this innovative system to homeowners and small business owners to help them lower energy cost.

Sauer Energy Wind Turbine

The three blade wind turbine is made from resin, plastic and a UV protecting composite and expected to last for around twenty years. They offer wind turbines made from state of the art materials and even offer a ten year guarantee.

The Sauer Energy concave and convex design takes advantage of the optimum wind power. Its vertical design reduces the weight and the gear box producing more energy with low/high speed capture. The vertical axis turbine can be easily installed by a single person, having only a few moving parts with it. Unlike the classic horizontal blade turbines, the WindCharger has the ability to generate energy even at 5 mph wind velocities. Moreover, the product is also able to capture winds blowing from any direction. It also has relatively low impact on bird populations and features a quiet operation.

Sauer Energy Stock

Sauer Energy was transformed into a public company last 2010. This important milestone made the company open to new shareholders who are willing to invest in the selling and production of windmills for electricity. The firm is now known with its ticket symbol (SENY). With energy prices soaring higher, homes and small businesses are looking for ways to cut energy cost and minimize their carbon footprint. In the year 2009, many investors poured a record of $155B in the alternative energy industry. In the next ten years, the wind energy is expected to grow 4x its current size.

Sauer Energy Review

Sauer Energy features promising products that will make use of an alternative energy source, the wind. As a developer and maker of enterprise scale and home scale wind turbine systems, the company has already secured its third patent from the USPTO for the next generation of vertical axis wind turbines.

The company aims to a be an industry leader by concentrating their efforts on developing proprietary designs that will capture wind more efficiently with the less cost as possible. As a new public firm, the SENY has raised its visibility and enhanced its opportunities for growth.

Sauer Energy

Sauer Energy

Sauer Energy is a revolutionary home and enterprise scale wind turbine firm that addresses an unmet market demand.

It is a cost effective and consumer friendly firm that capitalizes on a growing patent portfolio of vertical axis wind turbines.